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Our Name & Logo

Our company name and logo signify our value system that we cultivate among ourselves and our work culture that we adopt in our engagement with partners and customers.

  1. Maven: Expert, professional and master. The word originates from Hebrew "mevin", meaning "one who understands" and relates to the word "binah", which denotes understanding or wisdom in general. It reflects on our competency, quality in what we are doing and our pursuit towards perfection and mastery.
  2. Tree: Signify strong foundation, strength, reliable, consistency over time and endurance.
  3. Colors: Serious, professional, analytical, aspiration to differentiate from others.
  4. Logo: Interlocking chain signifying teamwork, complimentary skills, partnership & collaborations, integration technologies across diverse systems and processes.


    Maventree Technology Pte. Ltd.
    Address: 600 Sin Ming Avenue, 3rd Floor CityCab Building, Singapore 575733
    Tel: +65.6433 8500
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