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Career in MavenTree Technology is exciting, fulfilling and rewarding because of the meticulously planned programmes that we developed for our staff and our relevance to the evolving global market in Enterprise Information Technology.

MavenTree Technology believes that we build our success on our people. Hence, significant resources are devoted to devise programmes to build team cohesion, to align career with market demands, to develop relevant competency and to maximise the potential of each individual. Atttractive HR policies are in place to encourage high work quality, exceptional performance, effective referrals and career progressions.

Over the years, Enterprise Information Technology has evolved and opportunities are growing with the maturing of mobile, communication and integration technologies. These growing opportunities drive high demand for skilled professionals who can connect relevant technologies with enterprise domains. There are challenges in acquiring and retaining the relevant skillsets since the market is still evolving but the pioneering experience will be highly rewarding when the market matures.

MavenTree Technology is well positioned to leverage on the growing Enterprise Information Technology market since we have made significant inroads into key business domains and relevant technologies. Our business models, which allow us to maximise our sustainability, accumulate domain expertise and invest on highly scalable global services, have provided us with good gredients for success.

Therefore, having a career in MavenTree Technology can leverage on our extensive programmes, organisation positioning and alignment with global market evoluation. Our workforce average growth rate of 20% since our incorporation is a strong evidence on our excellent recruitment, human capital development and retention strategies. We believe our company's rapid growth can help to fulfill individual aspirations in their strive for career progression within the organisation and in the industry.


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