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Biomedical Solutions & Serivces

MavenTree Technology helps to account for the traceability and quality of the biomedical samples for laboratory testing and examination. Our cloud solutions facilitate the collaborations among clinics, hospitals and laboratories for specialised analysis and investigation services.

The evolution of biomedical industry has made cross-border collaboration possible. This evolution requires strong logistic infrastructure to manage sample testing, analysis results and medical records. High level of accountability for the laboratory test results and accuracy of biomedical information are becoming very important. These objectives are very much affected by the process in which samples are transported and how information is derived from the samples.

We are able to build on the success of our Delivery Assurance Service Hub (DASHTM) to provide the biomedical industry a tool to manage their logistics and dissemination of analysis results. MavenTree Technology collaborates with laboratories and clinics to provide such platform for the biomedical community to leverage on technologies to achieve their requirements.


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