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Defence Solutions & Services

MavenTree Technology's Defence Solutions & Services complement military forces and agencies with strong backend system support. Our teams are maintaining and supporting critical enterprise applications and systems to provide integrated, automated and timely services for the operations.

Evolving commercial and consumer technologies are used in defence solutions while proven security technologies are applied to demanding commercial applications. Such exposure and exploration in technologies have created values for our defence and commercial customers. Our defence customers are able to leverage on the rapidly evolving technologies on their operations. Successful delivery is assured with our experienced professionals who are constantly exposed to such technology implementations in commercial projects. Software and platform as a service are also increasingly popular among the commercial customers to share the implementation cost as a community and achieve high productivity with quick return of investment.

One good example of such technology leverage is the implementation of our Delivery Assurance Service Hub (DASHTM) for the commercial customers. The technology was adopted from the disconnected application framework for military transaction services under unreliable infrastructure and network connectivity. Below is a schematic of the framework. Similar harsh environment was observed in delivery of oil products at the anchorage and remove sites. Wireless data connectivity can be unpredictable in such environments. The implemenation of DASHTM for the oil and gas commuity allow the proven technology to be leveraged to achieve convincing business outcomes.

disconnected application framework

Similary, workflow system, like the one shown below, and business process management that are commonly used in the commercial environment are also applied to military applications to better organise operations and electronic processing of information. Flexible knowledge management and operation efficiency are achieved using the proven workflow management products, technologies and services. Our experienced professionals were able to assist in the adoption of such commercial technologies in the military environment.

 military workflow


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