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Product Partners

We are actively looking for partners who can help us with our product propositions. There are 3 types of partners that we are looking for, namely, referral, reseller and value-added partners. 

Partners who have good relationship with potential customers are recommended to take up our referral programme. Main role for the partners is to identify potential customers and provide matching between challenges faced by potential customers and product capabilities. MavenTree Technology will provide all the necessary follow ups with the potential customers. 

Partners with strong business development team are strongly recommended to take up our reseller programme. The business development team can assist in the engagement with potential customers. MavenTree Technology will provide the required training on our product to follow up on opportunities.

Value-Added Partners (VAP) can help in providing level 1 and 2 support for our product while having the capabilities to build additional plugins and modules to extend the value of our product to customers. MavenTree Technology will support VAP with the required enablement training.


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